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Why Join?

Benefits of the Network:                

Steel Plus Network has traditionally organized meetings for members to provide opportunities for improvement to each of their operations through educational presentations, motivational messages and industry expert reports.  These meetings also fulfill our mission to coordinate our purchasing programs and networking opportunities. The regional meetings conducted by SPN along with the Annual General Meeting are deemed vital to the health and welfare of SPN’s members and are considered an integral part of our operation. 

The networking component of SPN includes the sharing of Best Practices and the opportunity for workload support and the sharing of capacity.  It provides electronic network communications for equipment and inventory buying / selling along with ever evolving solutions to meet your business needs.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities:

  • Supplier Member Interaction
  • Fabricator Member Interaction
  • Best Practices
  • Open Q&A
  • Relationship Building
  • & Much more…….

The Numbers Are in Your Favour:

Exclusive Volume Rebate Programs:

  • Rebate contracts with some of North America’s most reputable suppliers representing structural steel, gas and welding, fasteners, tools, paint and applications, equipment, along with other related consumables and services.

 Discounts and Improved Pricing:

  • Steel Plus Network generates improved pricing through direct discounts and rebates paid out on an annual basis. These rebates are paid out based on group performance and market share. The more the group buys from “preferred” suppliers the better it is for all.

Americas Exclusive Canam Program:

  • We offer an exclusive program for the purchase of products and services provided by Canam, one of North America’s largest steel fabricators.

Profitabilty Improved Terms:

  • The network has contracts with suppliers that can either extend terms or offer early payment discounts that greatly enhance profitability.

Technology Leading-Edge Technology Solutions:

  • SDS/2 and Intelibuild are technical services that SPN offers at better rates to its membership. Allow us to price out these programs for your company benefit.

Information Less Intrusive Information Gathering:

  • The company collects basic purchase information from its members on a monthly basis for best rebates. SPN does not interfere with day to day member negotiations with suppliers nor does it interfere with their financial relationships with suppliers. We respect our member’s confidentiality.

Network Member Networking Opportunities:

  • We work in distinct regions in Canada and the U.S. Each region has a group of members that get together regularly to discuss the steel industry, the goals and performance of SPN, best practices, and the opportunity to share work and expertise.
  • Every year most members of SPN congregate for the Annual General Meeting held in a special location selected by our members. The AGM includes relevant guest speakers, industry presentations, best practice discussions, and the opportunity to network with each other. There is also time set aside for building the spirit and enthusiasm of our members who share common goals and aspirations but who also share common challenges.
  • Our members have the opportunity to meet top tiered supplier executives and build strong relationships with them at SPN hosted events. SPN members often participate in industry-related meetings and conventions and Steel Plus is integrating itself into these organizations to actively participate and facilitate its members.

Compete Long-Term Competitive Advantage:

  • Our team has Owner Members who gain long term advantage from their affiliation to SPN. This advantage is not just measured in terms of discounts and rebates on their purchases over time but also from the advantages of working with a group of like minded people working together to strengthen the industry.
  • Strength in numbers has true meaning when it comes to SPN and this carries forward to the time when you want to sell your business or see to its succession. As part of the group you have an eligible pool of potential buyers who know you and your business. Also, the group becomes a resource to assist you with this transition as some may already be very familiar with the process.
  • We add value to your business because it puts the strength of our organization behind you and all the related benefits that can move forward with your business and help secure its longevity.

The bottom line, is that a Steel Plus Network Membership will help grow your bottom line.