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Announcing Tom Skinner, RKO Steel Limited, as Chairman of the Board

Colleen Doucette

Steel Plus Network and the Board of Managers is pleased to announce Tom Skinner as its new Chairman of the Board. SPN welcomes Tom’s many years of dedication and determination to make our company the “Premier Steel Buying Group in North America”. The SPN staff looks forward to working with Tom to achieve the strategic goals as set out by the Board.

Tom has been with RKO in various roles since he began in 1992, shortly after attaining his Chartered Accountant designation. Some of his roles included Controller, Safety Manager, and Quality Control. Tom recognizes the importance of cost management in a price sensitive market is one of the key success factors for RKO. In 2013, he took on the role of Vice President Finance for the company.

“I would like to thank Brian Carmer for his service and hard work as Board Chair. It’s been a pleasure serving with him and I'll continue to appreciate his insights and counsel as I transition into the role as Chairman of the Board for a two-year term. I would like to also say thank you to the members of the Board. This truly is a collaborative group of professionals and their participation, expertise, and insights are much appreciated. It's a privilege to serve as Board Chairman and I thank you for your confidence! I would also like to recognize the contributions of our dedicated SPN staff for their continued efforts to provide our members with outstanding service.” - Tom Skinner, RKO Steel Ltd.

Tom’s years of experience with SPN and knowledge of its history will help propel the Network to success and growth.

Please join us in welcoming Tom Skinner as Chairman of the Steel Plus Network Board of Managers.